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Freefall Traveller

This is one of our most popular paddles, available in both Ash and Merbau, this paddle was originally designed just to test a principle, and after Canoe Expo in Germany in October 2016, we realized just how much people like this simple but powerful blade. The blade is simple and long, the principle we designed the blade for was effortless paddling down lakes and slow mowing water with maximum acceleration with minimal blade use.

Paddles 202

New product 2016.

The Re-Paddle

The Re-Paddle is our special paddle. Each one is unique, and made form whatever materials are available. So every paddle we make is unique, the colours are different, the blade shaepes can be different and all are designed for white water paddling with either a straight or cranked shaft and a Carbon top section. Available with either a black glue in T Grip or a Wood glue on T Grip.

Freefall Black in Aramid

New product 2016.

The Black

The Black is Freefall Paddles first Carbon paddle, and its 100% Carbon, not dyed fiberglass or light grade Carbon. This paddle is tough. Designed for WWOC1 and Rafting this paddle has been designed with a big blade for maximum draw and with a flat rolling plane on the rear side to aid recover and rolling strokes. Available with a wood Glue On T Grip or a Glue in T in plastic.

Merbau & American Ash Paddles

New product 2016

Merbau & Ash Ottertail Paddles, Crank & Straight

A classic Ottertail design available in Ash or Merbau, straight or cranked ergo grip.


Our classic Ottertail is manufactured from Slow Grown North American Ash, perfect for tough and durable paddling.

The Black Feather

New product for 2016, this is one of the most unique paddles in the world. Super lightweight and made from Oak and Sapella, this paddle is a slimmed down Ottertail and its fast. Being ultra lightweight, this paddle is ideal for kids and novice paddlers too.

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Lublin, Poland.

We are all paddlers in Freefall, and we love the whole motion of the Canoe & Kayak, in fact, we incorporate it in all of our designs, and we even produce outfitting. Our boat stock for testing includes creekers and river boats, OC1's and C1's as well as trad canoes.